Friday, 14 October 2011

A way with CDs

I've managed to collect a lot of old CDs over the years- mostly unwanted freebies from the newspapers. Why do they think we want this crap?

Anyway I've been squirrelling them away pending some inspiration. The new die cutter has certainly given the crafting mojo a new lease of life and finally I have some ideas.

This one is nice and easy. All you need is an old CD, some paint and some peelable stickers. I used the black spray paint I bought for the dark mirror but ordinary acrylic paint will also do. I've seen this done on the web with a design scratched into the paint but I'm drawing challenged so I had to find another way.

Firstly spray the printed side of the CD and leave to dry  - I left it overnight. If you are going to display the CD in a way that hides the back you can skip this stage.

Once it is completely dry, turn over and stick the peelable stickers to the shiny side in your chosen design. As they are peelable you can reposition  them until you are satisfied. I chose some filigree butterflies I found lying around.

Once the stickers are in place simply paint the whole front surface ( over the stickers as well) and leave to dry thoroughly. Peel off and discard the stickers and you're done. Using a pin to lift the stickers off makes this much easier.

If you want to use as a coaster I'd recommend adding a coat of spray varnish over the paint before removing the stickers. The butterflies look rather "flat" in the picture. In reality they flash with colour as they reflect the light.
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