Monday, 1 April 2013

Return to the DollsHouse

Time to get back to the long neglected dolls house.

I don't know why it's taken me so long but there it is. I had laid about 6 floor tiles and then it got put aside for one reason or another. I've been feeling guilty for a while so as it's a bank holiday and I'm home I thought I'd get it out again.

Sticking the flagstones down was a long job and although I did get the special grout, the PVC glue had dried long before I was ready to use it. I'll need to pick up some regular grout to use instead.

 This is going to be the "best" room.

This will be the kitchen.  The fireplace isn't quite done yet but I want to get the range in before finishing off the aperture.

I've also installed the ceiling beams ( carved from balsa wood and glued in place) in both the downstairs rooms. 

Spot the mistake - fortunately the front panels are not yet attached!  Oops.

Next job is to wire in the lights for the lower two rooms and add the electrics for the range and the fire in the two downstairs rooms. The question is of course is now where on earth did I put them?
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