Saturday, 7 January 2012

The kitchen

I've been waiting impatiently all week to have a chance to do some more work on the house and finally the parcel I've been awaiting has arrived.

The bricks and flagstones have arrived! Fireplace and flooring can now start.

I've been looking for a suitable fireplace but they are all too modern or grand for my shabby little house so it is a DIY job

Some cardboard, bricks and plenty of the polyfilla/PVC render  later and there is a fireplace!

Range temporarily in place. I've started to attach the fireplace but I need the polyfilla to set hard before I can fill in the gap between the chimney breast and the ceiling. I also need to add the wood trim but the floor needs to go down first.

Still looking a bit messy at the moment but the overall look I want is there. I was wondering whether to put a second fireplace in the other downstairs room but I don't think my witchy owner could afford to have a second fire, let alone ones upstairs so for now that is it.

Finally my finger sort of slipped when I saw this! And very nice it will look too!
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