Sunday, 23 September 2012

Drying Times

Yes autumn must be here. The wind is lashing the rain against the windows and there is a steady sizzle from the fireplace as the water comes down the chimney.
Last change then to pick and dry things. The apple crop has been a complete and utter failure. A cold wet snap at the wrong time kept the bees away and instead of a good supply of apples for the winter we have barely any. Most of the plum trees had no fruit at all and we got a small bowlful from the one tree that did manage to set fruit.

I have however managed to get hold of a hop bine this year which is drying nicely in the kitchen. I'd like to say I grew it myself but this was from an internet site. Not a lot of hops are grown around here.

Putting it up was "fun" but the flowers we lost in the process are now drying nicely for use in a hop pillow.  Also in the picture are a few rowan berries ( the strung ones are almost but not quite completely dry and a burdock root.

I'm not sure what I'm going to use that for at the moment but the plant has been the bane of my life all summer so it has given me great pleasure to dig it up. The roots go pretty deep and and thick and strong. I may need to take a hacksaw to the main rootstock.
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