Sunday, 30 September 2012

Playing with Potions

Yesterday I had the great good fortune to go on a day workshop in "compounding and concocting" run by St Martha's Botanica in Glastonbury.

From the left:

  • Double Fast Luck
  • Money Drawing Oil
  • Commanding & Compelling
  • Dixie Love Oil
  • Fiery Wall of Protection

In the bottles:
  • Glory Water
  • Peace Water
  • Four Thieves Vinegar

In the packets:
  • Commanding and Compelling
  • "Go Away" Powder
  • Money Drawing Powder

This was such fun  ( unfortunately the recipes are not mine to share)   and I've picked up a few useful tips and tricks to try with my own recipes so all in all an extremely good day. The oils will take a week or two to infuse properly before I can try them out.

Firstly though  to find out if the "Go Away" powder works on mice ( and  large spiders!)....   
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