Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The building begins

I've finally been allowed to open it!

I was expecting lots of "bits" but was a little nonplussed by the sheer number. It more or less took over the dining room table. The front windows are already glazed and real working sash windows!

The door I made is about the width needed but is an inch or so too short so I'm going to have to make a few more. I definitely don't want to use the ones that came with the kit; they are much too modern looking.  I'm not going to be using the fancy turned banisters either.

At this point I made a fatal mistake  
Already been shopping and just unpacked the dolls house kit. Then I made a fundamental mistake! I asked the other half  to come and hold on to a corner whilst I started the "dry build". I really should have known better...

All of a sudden I found myself relegated to builders mate. The holes for the light fittings were drilled, the channels made in the floor for the wiring and the kit checked for "squareness" ( it failed that - he is a Virgo through and through) and apart from being told to hold this or that I was totally redundant!

A lot of sanding and fiddling went on to make it  "square" before it was pinned and glued. Actually the quality of the kit is very good and it went together very well. I bowed to the inevitable, made a cup of tea and left him to it!

 I have been allowed to paint the stairs!

The base kit is now ready for some personalisation. I don't want the fancy staircase with the awkward space behind it -so a bit of kit bashing is now in order. I'm not sure I'm going to be allowed to do it though....
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