Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The decorators are in

Some progress today - yes I have been allowed near it!

The first job was obviously to work out how to put the extra wall in. Fortunately there is quite a lot of MDF in the garage so I let the other half play out there and cut me a piece.

Whilst he was at it he's also cut me a nice big baseboard which will replace a very tatty old table top so I have somewhere to keep the cottage once it is presentable.

It was clearly going to be easier to do the wall finish before putting the stairs and the wall in so the internal rendering has begun. It's a mix of polyfilla and  an "almost but not quite" white paint. It looks a bit patchy at the moment as it is still drying but I've got the rough plastered look I was going for. I should finish the internal and external render tomorrow if the weather is as foul as it was today.

I'm still not sure how I'm going to do the thatching but I can put that off for a while yet. The more significant problem of what period the furnishings will be has yet to be addressed.
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