Friday, 30 December 2011

A lot of hanging around

Trying to make as much progress as possible before New Year when a house full of guests means that I have to clear up and put away for a few days.  Also return to work looms which will significantly slow things down. Ah well have to work to be able to afford to do this!

Been a day of lots of bits and pieces which meant a lot of paint, wait a bit, paint again, wait a bit. Well you get the idea.

I didn't want the shiny brass hinges so they got a coat of white enamel. I did mention that the OH is Virgo? Love his Heath Robinson drying system. Yes that IS my cooling rack....

The front doors have now been decorated on both sides but the final tidying up of the rough edges still needs to be done before fixing the sash windows.

The windows themselves have been stained and are needing to be left to dry. These unfortunately were pre glazed and I hate masking real windows for painting, never mind these. Kept missing bits as well. I had no idea that working sash windows had quite so many edges!

The original windows had too much fancy trim glued to them but that was easily fixed. Unfortunately the windows are now a little too small for the holes so some fetttling is going to be needed. Shouldn't be too hard though.

Finally the dormers are painted, constructed and stuck in roof. Still not sure how I'm going to thatch it so any ideas on that are very welcome.
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