Tuesday, 6 March 2012

More lichen dyeing

Having collected a good handful of another type of lichen ( upper moorland) I thought I'd have another go and see what happened this time.

This was also very plentiful and detached from the main host so I didn't feel bad about taking a little.

I haven't yet identified it positively but it seems to be a "thread" type. It was soft when I picked it up from the wet ground but rapidly dried hard and brittle.

Being much the same colour as the last one I wasn't that surprised to get another "green tea" liquor although this one is rather darker. Smelt equally horrid when boiling though.

Again it was boiled for an hour, allowed to steep overnight and the vegetable matter strained out.

The initial colour is very similar to last time but actually a little paler even after steeping in the dye bath for 48 hours rather than just overnight ( my fault - forgot about it!).

I also put some DMC cotton thread in with the wool. It has taken the dye much less strongly and is a pale ivory colour. I plan to leave them in the light to see if they darken  like the last lot.

Now just need to find a  lichen that gives a different colour.
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