Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DON'T BLINK - DIY Weeping Angel

Having seen the official Dr Who Weeping Angel tree topper too late  - it's sold out and apparently discontinued I really wanted one for the top of my seasonal tree.

So - how hard could it be to make one?. The answer is not hard at all!

I acquired an angel who had seen better days from a friend who was having a clear out.

She had sculpted hair and articulated arms which was great. She was however a bit too fancy in her dress and the plastic wings had developed a forward curve over the years...

 She looks better already

A couple of minutes with a sharp scissors took care of the lacy over skirt and all the trimmings. Ideally I'd have taken the puffed sleeves off too but she only had arms from the elbows!

I straightened the curved in the wings with a wooden coffee stirrer taped to the back of them.

A couple of coats of stone effect paint later and here she is.

I super-glued the hands over the eyes after the first coat  whilst it was still tacky.

The paint takes a long time to dry - at least 24 hours so you do need to allow for this - she is still drying at the moment which is why she is on the table and not on the tree!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Gingerbread Cottage

Well I've called it that - I may of course change my mind....

This was a gift from a very good friend and with the bad weather today it  seemed an excellent time to start it..

I'm sure these go together somehow?

Some time later! Now it has to dry and I want to start decorating it before attaching all the pretty little trimmings.

I'm going to have to make a decision soon!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Crafting Challenge Update

Well not a lot achieved. I took this away with me for a week's holiday in the hope I'd get a flying start. I did get quite a lot done but I'd have liked to have got substantially further to be honest. This is a lot of "confetti" stitching though but from early indications it is going to be very worth it.

The new project started 2 weeks ago looking like this:

It now looks like this - well I've put a few more hours in since this was taken but it doesn't look that much different yet.

I think this may be a long project!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Skulls and ??

Well it's done.

Very pleased with the way it's turned out. The fabric is actually a lot pinker than this but I used the camera phone. Now it'll join the others in a drawer until Jamie does enough suitable designs for me to make my planned throw! ( No pressure Jamie!)

Now onto the next  - choice of fabric was difficult but I think I've settled on Parchment from Sparklies

The design will be Circle of Life, again from White Willow Stitching

I'm not sure if I'm going to put the background in yet. We'll see. I have plenty of fabric.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 Craft Challenge

Blowing the dust and cobwebs away... Gosh it's quiet in here!

I've joined a challenge with some friends to do something "creative" every day in 2014. Whether I'll manage this remains to be seen but it's got me picking up my needle again after a long hiatus.

Even the dolls house has been dusted off and the other half persuaded into doing some wiring for me (which is why it was stalled). I've no excuse now though not to get on with it.

Firstly though, what I've been doing since Jan 1st

Here's a stitch project that has been lying idle for a couple of months. Time to get on and finish it I think. There are a number of other designs that are in the same style and I want to create a themed throw/quilt out of them.

Progress up to 1st January

And as  at this afternoon. If I crack on who knows I might even finish it this evening.

The design is Tribal Skull by Jamie Larson at White Willow Stitching.

The fabric is called Fuchsia Fizz and is a 28ct evenweave but I've had it so long that I can't remember who the dyer is. To be honest I never thought I'd find a project to stitch on it!
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