Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nos Galan Gaeaf

Having said that, no, I wasn't going to decorate the blog for Halloween, I find myself in trouble with a couple of people so.......

Happy Halloween to all those that celebrate it  :-)


Monday, 15 October 2012

Little Box

Had a very nice weekend away with a good friend and the chance to play with some of her goodies - she is far more talented at this craft stuff than I will ever be.

My instructions were to bring a cigar box and some bits to put on it. Sounds easy enough so I acquired this:

 First task was to paint it white with gesso and when dry sand off all the edges and stain then with a brown distress ink pad to make it look old and worn.

 So far so good. Hardest part was waiting for the gesso to dry. Strangely the lid developed quite a pronounced curve when wet. Much to my relief it went flat again when it had dried.

Next it was time to decorate the sides. Firstly I tore some old book pages to size, about half an inch smaller then the sides.

Using the Sissix machine I embossed some brown glassine  paper with a clock pattern and then rubbed it over with some walnut distress ink and a few touches of Treasure Gold. These were cut and torn to be a little smaller than the printed paper

These were then stuck on top of the book pages and both pieces of paper stuck to the box sides. It was already starting to look very different.

Next came the feet to raise the box up a little  - it is amazing the difference feet will make! These were made from beads. Panel pins were knocked through from the inside and the beads threaded on and glued firmly into place.
Time now to decorate the top. Firstly the flowers. These were made by cutting 4 large flower shapes and 2 small ones out of more glassine paper. The paper was then crumpled up and rubbed over with more of the walnut distress ink and some gold highlighting spray. They were then assembled into 2 flowers and the petals held in place with a brad. A bit more crumbling and shaping and some nice blown roses appeared.

The top was covered by a triple sandwich  held together by  machine stitching. The base which was just a little smaller than the surface area of the top was thick white paper. On top of that but slightly smaller was another sheet of embossed glassine paper and finally, smaller again, some more of the book paper.

Almost done. The paper sandwich was glued to the top along with the flowers. An old metal washer acted a keyring to 3 old metal keys and these were held together with some string, again dyed with walnut ink. A few stained wooden leaves and some flakes of mica completed the top.

A blob of glue to hold everything in place and .....

...all done!

I do need to line the inside but I now have a pretty little box to keep "things" in
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