Sunday, 7 April 2013

Configuration Time

I've been wanting to make up one of Tim Holtz's configuration boxes for a while - it''s been sitting around for a couple of months but too many projects and not enough time.

But tax season is over in the UK and time to celebrate ( and the skilled assistance of a friend who has done these before!)

I was planning on a woodland/nature theme so the papers and materials I planned to use were collected with this in mind.

So basically it's a box filled with lots of little boxes that you can move around and take out. I wanted to have a big space so I didn't use all of the little ones. Much moving around and head scratching later, this was  the configuration initially decided upon.

Then comes the time consuming task of lining each of the little boxes with paper.

No that big green space isn't working for me either and yes they are in a different order from the originally intended configuration. Oh well.

The back, sides and lid were also covered with paper.

So what is going in that big green space? At this point I'd better post a warning of graphic photos of dismemberment that might be distressing to any wooden manikins reading this.

This was a £1.99 wooden artist's  model from a discount shop. The question was what to do with it.

No idea where the idea for a tarot inspired hanged man came from but that took root. The main problem is that the model is attached with reasonably strong springs and the initial idea of gluing his hands to his hips to get the correct arm position didn't work. Attempts to nail them didn't work either.

In the end a pair of wire cutters were used to cut the arm springs and they were reconstructed using sellotape to mold and attach them to the body in the right place. The same method was used for the legs.

This now looked pretty awful as you might imagine but once bandaged together with tissue tape and coloured it was really working well.

The problem was that he really didn't work in the green box so he was put aside for another project. I'll think of something one day.

I was also starting to really hate that green  so a quick make over ensued. It would have been a lot easier to do it earlier but the results were definitely worth it.

 And here it is - a witches kitchen! Not quite what I'd set out to make but never mind.

It isn't quite finished, the feet are temporary awaiting inspiration and some of the boxes need to be filled - again I'm awaiting inspiration.

The hanging cauldron ( actually a small jam jar hung with a piece of chain from an old necklace) needs filling with something and I need a tall vertical object to go alongside it.

The pile of skulls is made from beads I had hanging around which have been glued together.

The little bottle is full of wood dust from my incense making supplies/

The  nest of eggs were from a £1 shop and I have 5 more of them to use up and the pottery Amanita Muscaria came from a garden centre many months ago.

I'm not sure what I'm going to put in the remaining three boxes - maybe another bottle with some herbs in next to the one already there but for  the last ones my mind is blank. Suggestions please!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Return to the DollsHouse

Time to get back to the long neglected dolls house.

I don't know why it's taken me so long but there it is. I had laid about 6 floor tiles and then it got put aside for one reason or another. I've been feeling guilty for a while so as it's a bank holiday and I'm home I thought I'd get it out again.

Sticking the flagstones down was a long job and although I did get the special grout, the PVC glue had dried long before I was ready to use it. I'll need to pick up some regular grout to use instead.

 This is going to be the "best" room.

This will be the kitchen.  The fireplace isn't quite done yet but I want to get the range in before finishing off the aperture.

I've also installed the ceiling beams ( carved from balsa wood and glued in place) in both the downstairs rooms. 

Spot the mistake - fortunately the front panels are not yet attached!  Oops.

Next job is to wire in the lights for the lower two rooms and add the electrics for the range and the fire in the two downstairs rooms. The question is of course is now where on earth did I put them?
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