Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DON'T BLINK - DIY Weeping Angel

Having seen the official Dr Who Weeping Angel tree topper too late  - it's sold out and apparently discontinued I really wanted one for the top of my seasonal tree.

So - how hard could it be to make one?. The answer is not hard at all!

I acquired an angel who had seen better days from a friend who was having a clear out.

She had sculpted hair and articulated arms which was great. She was however a bit too fancy in her dress and the plastic wings had developed a forward curve over the years...

 She looks better already

A couple of minutes with a sharp scissors took care of the lacy over skirt and all the trimmings. Ideally I'd have taken the puffed sleeves off too but she only had arms from the elbows!

I straightened the curved in the wings with a wooden coffee stirrer taped to the back of them.

A couple of coats of stone effect paint later and here she is.

I super-glued the hands over the eyes after the first coat  whilst it was still tacky.

The paint takes a long time to dry - at least 24 hours so you do need to allow for this - she is still drying at the moment which is why she is on the table and not on the tree!

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